Monday, February 4, 2013

Future of Nature Journaling for Kids

Hello Nature Journalers,

Lately I've been wondering about future options for my Nature Journaling for Kids booklet. I have gotten quite a few (2,000+ total) steady pageviews for this website, but I'm not sure how to keep track of how many times the booklet has been downloaded from Google Docs. To be straightforward, I'm not sure if people are using the booklet or how their experience was when using it.

I honestly believe that providing the booklet for free is the ideal way to provide the most benefit to the public, but I've been worried about copyright issues when having my work out in the public domain (like people downloading/modifying the booklet and claiming it as their own).

I've been considering monetizing the booklet. Examples could include only allowing a free preview then paying for the full download, allowing ads on the website, and/or adding a suggested donation button on the sidebar.

Also, there is the issue that my booklet is a bit outdated, and I ideally would want to make a lot of improvements to it if I wanted to monetize it. The original file I created the booklet in has many missing images in it, and I would have to put a bit of work into it to restore it to how it looked before.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. Please feel free to leave a comment with any thoughts that you might have.

Happy Journaling!

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